ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Users Without Passwords Project


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The Users Without Passwords Project (UWPP) implements WebAuthn, also known as FIDO2, instead of passwords. The project has been upgraded to ASP.NET Core 6.0 with Visual Studio 2022 from the ASP.NET Core 5.0 project. I migrated the Startup.cs to top-level statements in Program.cs. I also implemented global usings and file scoped namespaces. I have enabled the nullable context and mitigated all warnings and issues. I have updated the project with Twitter Bootstrap v5. See ASP.NET Core 5.0 - Migrate To Bootstrap v5. This project implements Bootstrap Native. The latest version is published at Fido. KenHaggerty. Com. I encourage you to register and evaluate multiple authenticators in Manage Account > Credentials. You can register a new user with Windows Hello, Apple Face ID and Touch ID, Android Lock Screen, or a FIDO2 security key. Details, screenshots, and related articles can be found at ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Users Without Passwords Project. The details page includes the version change log.

Windows Hello implements authentication with an IR webcam for facial recognition, a fingerprint scanner, or just by setting up and using a PIN. See Learn about Windows Hello and set it up. The registration and login processes involve strict communication protocols between the server, browser, authenticator, and user. The project supports multiple authenticators and authenticator challenge history including failed attempts. Challenges which fail before associating to a known credential are orphaned. Admins can list users, credentials, and all challenges including orphaned challenges.

Quick Start
  1. Set the database connection string in appsettings.json.
  2. Execute update-database from the Package Manager Console.
  3. Build, run, and test.
  4. The 1st registered user is an administrator.