ASP.NET Core 3.1 - FIDO Utilities Project v1.0.7

I am developing a research project and article series named Users Without Passwords about FIDO (Fast IDentification Online) UAF (Universal Authentication Framework), also known as WebAuthn. The registration and login processes involve communication between the server, client-js, authenticator, and user. I decided to share some of the challenges, pun intended, I have encountered thus far.

Fast IDentification Online


Universal Authentication Framework

FIDO UAF supports a passwordless experience. With FIDO UAF, the user carries a device with a FIDO UAF stack installed. They can then register their device to the online service by selecting a local authentication mechanism such as swiping a finger, looking at the camera, speaking into the mic, entering a PIN, etc. The FIDO UAF protocol allows the service to select which mechanisms are presented to the user.